Precious water is used - and used again

Water is a valuable raw material and an essential element in food production - as potable water for mixing with raw materials or as processing water for washing the potatoes. Each month, the potato chip production alone requires enough water to fill six Olympic-sized swimming pools. This makes it a worthwhile target for making savings.

Potatoes are washedRegular reviews of our water consumption along with the use of modern technology enabled the introduction of water-saving measures. The waste water from the potato washing process is now filtered in order to remove useful components such as starch and potato peelings, which can in turn be used for other means.

The starch is used as a raw material in our production and as the basis for the glue needed by our packaging suppliers. The potato peelings are turned into animal feed. The filtered water is fed back into the potato washing cycle, which reduces our demand for potable water from the local reservoirs. We also get processing water from our own wells.